Why Should you Display Your Medals?

29/05/2019 Off By Writer

It brutally hot outside, you can’t see straight because of the sweat in your eyes, and you have been running for hours. Then you finally see it, the finish line. You cross the finish line, and someone hands you a medal and free beer. You wear the medal for the rest of the day with pride, knowing only a small percentage of people can ever accomplish what you just did, but what to do with the medal afterward? Hang it up of course!

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Remember Where You Started

There are several reasons to want to display your medals. After all, you earned them! One important reason is simply remembering where you were when you first started. Most people who end up running endurance races, for example, started running after some realization that they were unhealthy. Stainless steel medal hangers are a great way to remember just how far you have come. Display your medals in the order that you obtained them. This lets you look back and see the improvements in distance and time as you got stronger and faster.

Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

A day will come when you are no longer able to compete. It may be from injury, relocation, professional, personal, or simply age, but the results are the same. When you can no longer compete, one of the best reminders of your time spent is a medal display. For some, a bespoke Spartan Race Medal display may even be the best option to capture the magic of a successful athletic career.

Inspire a New Generation

What drove you to compete as a child? If you were anything like millions of other children, it was seeing your parent’s accomplishments. Whether this was trophies, medals, ribbons, or other awards, people often get their first taste for competition by looking at the awards of their parents and siblings. Inspire your children to compete. Don’t hide your accomplishments, put them on display so that they can serve as an inspiration for the next generation.
Selecting the Right Display

There are thousands of medal displays to choose from, but most medal hangers will not compete with the bespoke medal hangers available from Victory Hangers. They offer hundreds of designs for dozens of sports and can even make custom medal hangers on request.

Be sure to choose a medal hanger that means something to you. It can be something funny, nostalgic, inspirational, or any combination. The important thing is to make it your own.