Walking Netball Clubs Improving Sport

04/01/2017 Off By Writer

Walking netball clubs are helping to improve the performance of players at different levels. While some netball fans have the time to train on a regular basis, many women and men who are interested in the sport never go beyond an occasional game. When time is limited, they may opt to just go home and turn on the television instead of spending an hour or more at practice.

Netball players have the capacity to develop fitness and strength from a very young age. In several schools, netball is one of the first sports that young players are introduced to, along with football, cricket or baseball. Young athletes develop the discipline that goes along with the sport, but may lose opportunities to hone their skills as they become older. This is because there are fewer opportunities to play the game without belonging to a club or making some other formal commitment to the game.

Walking netball clubs fill the slots that are left behind by school teams that no longer have space for an athlete because they have graduated. These clubs cater to men and women who some may think of as being past their prime. They follow the success of walking football clubs, which were developed with the same goals. Both sports are aimed at people who left high school behind decades ago. Participants in these community based sports now want to ensure that they stay fit and active.

Sportsmen know that keeping fit helps their bodies to work the way that they should. A host of diseases, including those related to proper functioning of the lungs, can be kept at bay through regular exercise. Common strategies for keeping fit, such as walking, are easy because they do not need any special equipment. it is perfect to combine walking with a sport that places a little more stress on the body, forcing an even higher level of performance.

Netball players must subject their legs, arms and back to a wider range of motion than would be required with just walking. While walking provides cardiovascular exercise, it does not place as much pressure on the joints. Running, jumping and bending to catch a ball delivered with a large force are all required when a male or female athlete is playing regular netball. However, the slower pace of walking netball is about even more than that. It is about community and a love for the sport.

Young players may have first seen themselves as athletes when they held a netball in their hands. The sense of esteem developed when they learned to pivot or mastered a bounce pass is one that will stay with them for life. For those athletes who may have never had the chance to play the game, being introduced to it through walking netball in middle age is a new opportunity to grow as a player.

With more parents and grandparents becoming involved in netball, the possibilities are endless for the growth fo the sport. Greater participation means greater awareness of just what netballers can do and how playing the game helps young boys and girls to develop discipline, perseverance and team spirit.