Floridasmedicalmarijuana.com Explain Benefits of Marijuana Leaves Reduce pain for cancer patients

21/02/2017 Off By Writer

Research at Edinburgh University asked for 177 cancer patients using a spray made from cannabis, in the same way as a mouth freshener. From the results of this study found that this method can reduce pain in cancer patients in the Edinburgh area by 30%. It works by activating molecules in the body (known as cannabinoid receptor) can stop sending pain signals to the brain.

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The spray was developed so as not to disturb the patient’s mental condition, which is caused by regular cannabis use. The findings, published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management does not justify smoking cannabis, because smoking marijuana can actually increase the risk of cancer.

Cannabis extract spray called Savitex has been prescribed as a pain reliever for patients with multiple sclerosis. When myelin is damaged, it will interfere with messages between the brain and other body parts. “These preliminary results are very promising and demonstrate that cannabis-based drugs could be an effective treatment for patients with chronic pain,” said researcher Professor Marie Fallon, as quoted by the Dailymail.

Prescribe this drug is very useful in the fight against chronic pain. However, users should be able to distinguish medical purposes from the goal entertain themselves alone.