Basketball : The Benefits Of Exercise For Human Health

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The benefits of exercise for human health is obviously very much and can be felt by everyone. It is undeniable that the sport became one lifestyle that must be done every one to be able to make her stay healthy and fit. As an activity that can relax the muscles of the body, exercise is considered very important for everyone. No matter that adults or children, if never exercise will certainly feel negative impact. Sport is recommended for all people, both healthy, moderate diet, even for people who are less healthy was sometimes advised to exercise due to the fact that the sport is able to restore the health of the body and can burn bad fats that accumulate in the body. Read more this tips on

Basketball also affect the performance of the player itself. because of the convenience factor, bouncing strength, hardness, smoothness can affect the movement of the ball when dribbling.

Here will be a little informed about how to choose the correct basketball:

a. Size

The size here is the diameter of the ball itself, ball for men and women must be different, for middle and high school are also definitely different especially for professional players.

Some of the size of the ball:

  • Size 7 : It was used for official game also match the high school level and professional level.
  • Size 6 : It was used for official game on junior high and high school level.
  • Size 5 : Ball size 5 is usually used in official matches elementary level.

So choose the size of a basketball in accordance with the level of players’

b. material

Basketball is also made from various materials, this material also AKN affect the comfort and location of the ball can be used

Kind of Materials

  • Full Leather : Basketball is made of genuine leather, this ball is usually used for official matches. Although the ball is nice but for Indonesia’s tropical bulb is less suitable because their own shells will be easily peeled off, because of the climate.
  • PU Leather : This ball is made of synthetic leather and also is not egitu ball hard. This material is very good because it would be very convenient if used, the ball is very durable so it can be used in indoor or outdoor courts so the ball is often used.
  • PVC : This material is also a synthetic leather material difference is a little harder than PU Leather. The ball is suitable for use by beginners who are just learning to play basketball and football also can be used in outdoor.

That some criteria that can be used as a reference to buy the ball. Observe first ball would you buy whether the ball was still in good condition or not, whether the ball is genuine or not, etc., so that you are not deceived.

Full Leather ball probably very expensive and therefore think also the usability of the ball to be purchased, whether it will be used for official matches or just to practice. When only to practice only just use a ball made of PVC or PU Leather for more affordable price.