Base Jumping

06/05/2017 Off By Writer

BASE jumping is also occasionally written as B.A.S.E jumping is a very thrilling and exciting sport. It includes parachuting or wingsuit flying from cliffs or some fixed buildings or objects from which you can jump easily. As compared to skydiving, base jumping is much more dangerous and complicated. It is a stunt or ‘extreme sport’  at many places. It has been banned and is illegal in many places as well. BASE jumping is very risky due to the lower altitudes of the jumps and it may also injure you if not done safely and the right way.

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BASE jumping basically converts this thrilling exercise into an adventure. Staying inside and exercising might be great but taking this exercise outdoors is terrific. It is a good excuse to get out of that comfort zone and face the outside world. In this way, you also get to interact with nature. In BASE jumping, you ,also learn communication skills and teamwork when you work in partners.

BASE jumping also nourishes the mind and makes you feel more alive, pure and fresh. This exercise might be risky but it is quite worth is since it’s not only risky but it is very fun, amusing, entertaining and thrilling.


To do the activity without harm and injuries, you need the best suitable equipment. You need those parachutes that are made specially for BASE jumping. These parachutes might be expensive but they ensure safety and you can experience the sport without harm.