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Tips on Lightweight Sports Movement in the Morning

Light exercise in the morning has many benefits. However, many do not realize it yet. Because usually in the morning feel tired and use as long as possible to the top of the mattress. Though the morning exercise will make the body more fresh to undergo the existing activities. For those of you who are confused how to start the day with light exercise and want to get used to it, you can follow the following ways:

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1. Before Sports, Drinking Water

Yes, water is one of the elements before you exercise. Drinking first is useful to avoid the body from dehydration during exercise movements.

2. Getting Started Sports

To start Sports is recommended when the sun rises. With light that is not hot and fresh morning air will increase your spirits to exercise.

3. Warming up

You can start your morning exercise with warm-up and stretching. This is intended to avoid injuries such as cramps that are very likely to occur during exercise. In addition, pre-exercise warming is to alert the body to prepare because after that it will do a lot of movement.

4. Jogging

After heating you can do small jogging or jogging to train the whole body is also good for the heart and lungs. And strengthen the two vital organs.

5. Favorite Sports

After jogging, you can exercise or your favorite moves while exercising to help your mood and spirit in the morning.

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